Review: Skaboots

We have three kids skating now on our rink. We all know the drill of getting them ready in the house and then getting them out to the rink, usually by having to carry them. Well that gets old real quick having to carry three kids back and forth. I had heard about Skaboots before but … Read more

Perils of the Backyard Rink Builder

We have a follower on Twitter that came up with this list and it was so great and true that we asked him if we could post this on our site. Thanks Ken! You’ve spent the better part of the fall planning in your head the changes to the upcoming seasons rink You meant to re-paint the … Read more

Filling Your Rink

So you have built your rink. Your neighbors or loved ones might think your crazy, but that’s just because they haven’t caught rink fever yet. Filling your rink and laying your liner down should go hand in hand. You don’t want the liner down for a long time without water in it, as you could be inviting … Read more

Choosing your Rink Liner

A key aspect to your build is your liner. If you live in a cold enough climate you can get away without one by packing the snow up to create the walls. However, if you get a mid-season thaw, you could very well be in trouble!  The topic of liners could easily cause quite a … Read more

Brace Yourself: A quick guide to bracing your rink boards

In building your rink you need to determine what you are going to use for your boards and how to brace them. One of the biggest parts of picking your bracing is measuring your slope and knowing if you have to hold back a lot of water or not.  This was one of of the toughest things for me, I … Read more