Perils of the Backyard Rink Builder

We have a follower on Twitter that came up with this list and it was so great and true that we asked him if we could post this on our site. Thanks Ken!

  • You’ve spent the better part of the fall planning in your head the changes to the upcoming seasons rink
  • You meant to re-paint the boards all summer long, it’s now the first snow fall and you haven’t picked up a brush
  • You can’t figure out the physics behind what has to be a pin hole in your liner allowing thousands of gallons of water to escape within minutes
  • You let the garden hose go for the past 4 hours only to find the water on the wrong side of the boards
  • You’ve realized that using tape on your liner may not have been the best idea
  • You’ve packed snow and slush into cracks and holes in hopes of being able to continue flooding
  • You’ve decided to ditch the liner and go commando…..You feel like a grownup
  • You realize you didn’t cut the grass short enough
  • You own eight 100l garbage cans
  • Your wife gets mad when you defrost the garden hose in the laundry room
  • Your wife gets really mad when you quick defrost your garden hose in the bath tub
  • Your wife gets really, really mad because there’s no hot water for the kids showers because you hot flooded
  • There’s a frost boil that refuses to go away
  • Its 1am, you have to work the next morning, but you feel compelled to finish
  • Regardless of your flooding method, all you can think of is getting your ice as good as what a Zamboni can do
  • When it’s snowing on the way home from work, all you can think of is getting home and clearing off the rink even though no one is going to use it that night
  • You’ve just flooded and its started to snow
  • You’re in the middle of flooding and it’s starting to snow
  • You’ve realized you need more lights
  • You’ve realized you need higher boards
  • You’re convinced your ice will develop the next NHL star
  • You’ve come in the house, your snow pants are completely iced up and you can’t undo your laces because they are a frozen block of ice
  • You don’t mind the cold…….really
  • You keep telling yourself it’s all for the kids, but really it’s for you too
  • You step back and marvel and take pride in what you’ve accomplished and then immediately figure out what could be better

Click here for the PDF version: Perils of a the backyard rink builder