Rink Lighting

One of the members of our community has a nice unique lighting setup that we wanted to share with everyone.

Materials Used

  • 1.5′ gutter downspout, ducked taped at the bottom
  • Sika fence post mix (Each package will stabilize 2 posts)
  • 2” x 5′ PVC interior post that goes in the drain pipe
  • 2 – 2′ pieces of rebar used to secure the 2×5 in the drain pipe
  • For the main post: 3” x10 ft PVC slipped over the 2″ PVC
  • 3” cap to go on top
  • Screw hook used to secure the cap and hold the string lights
  • Optional: Flag post holder place on back of main post
  • Lights: 100 w LED found on Amazon

Installation Process

The light setup and installation is pretty straight forward. You start the process by digging a hole about 1.5′ deep by 1′ wide. Take gutter downspout and cut a section to about 1.5′ long. Then duck tape then end of it so that the fence post mix used later mix doesn’t enter the pipe. Place the 1.5′ downspout pipe in the hole. You can also use rocks to help stabilize the downspout in the hole.

Next, take one of the 2” x 5′ PVC pipes and place it in the downspout pipe in the hole. Then place the two 2′ pieces of rebar on opposing sides of the 2″ x 5′ pipe in downspout pipe to secure it.

Now mix the Sika fence post mix and place in the hole around the downspout pipe, making sure to not get it inside of the pipe. The post mix will expand in the hole and should be completed in approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Allow approximately 2 hours for the post mix to set completely before installing the fence or attaching gates,etc. to the post. After the mix is set you can proceed to back-fill the hole with dirt.

After the post mix has set, you can slip the 3” x10 ft PVC pipe (main post) over the 2″ PVC pipe (interior post).

You install the LED light by drilling a hole in PVC cap and securing the LED light mount with a bolt screw, washer on the outside and inside then a nut on the inside.

For the electric, you can run the cord (plus 8ft extension cord) from the LED through a drilled hole at the top of the post run down the inside of the main post and out a hole in the bottom.

If you are going to hang string lights between the posts, you should note that the posts might want to lean forward. So to counteract that, you can use 1.5” x 4’ metal fence posts and drive that into the ground on the back of the post and connect with a few screws

Thanks to the Tschudy family for sharing their lighting setup. Make sure you go and follow their Instagram account dedicated to their rink.