I grew up playing roller hockey, as ice hockey was available but it just wasn’t as popular in our area at the time. But it was always a dream to be on the ice. It wasn’t until I was in college that I joined a team and started to play ice hockey. Hockey and skating were always passions, but it wasn’t until I had kids that the thought about building a backyard rink became more clear to me, so that I could share that passion with my family. So naturally I began searching the internet trying to figure out how to exactly go about building a rink. There was some information mostly from backyard rink manufacturer’s but I couldn’t find one great resource with information. That just bothered me. Fast forward two years to 2014, I stumbled upon a Facebook group dedicated to our passion of rink building. It was there that I kept seeing the same questions being asked and answered over and over again. This got me thinking and ultimately the idea of Outdoor Rink Builder was born.

Outdoor Rink Builder (ODR Builder) was conceived at the beginning of Winter 2014-2015, but it wasn’t until February 2015 that the web site was launched. The main mission is to provide information to help you build and maintain your outdoor rink, wether it be in your backyard rink, on the pond or lake or wherever you envision your build. When I was trying to find information on building my rink.