Backyard Zamboni

Zamboni, everyone knows what it is, everyone wants to drive one, and everyone is facinated by it. Who doesn’t stop what they are doing when they are at the rink and watch it go around in amazement as it resurfaces the ice. It’s almost calming. However, people tend to call all ice resurfacers Zambonis and to be technical, Zamboni is a company and they make a ice resurfacer just like a handful of other companies, but the Zamboni Company was the first market with an ice resurfacer and was the most popular resurfacer that it became the name everyone knew and turned it into an adjective to refer to all resurfacers. Enough with the history, onto the fun stuff.

Who wouldn’t want one for their rink in their backyard or on their pond/lake. That got me thinking and perusing the internet to find some of most dedicate people out there creating amazing ice resurfacers aka Zambonis for their rinks. I did find an Instructable showing you how to make you own, how cool! And of course there are those people who take their rink to the next level and get themselves a real Zamboni for their rink. I hope some of these inspire you to do great things with your rink.


And of course we can’t talk about Zambonis without mentioning our favorite all hockey band The Zambonis. Enjoy this classic tune.