This post is provided by one of our great members, Adam Hawkes, from the Backyard Ice Rinks Facebook group. Detail, links, and pictures are his. This process is what he came up with and it’s what works for him. It may not be right for everyone. Include pictures of all the steps and tools.

  1. If it has snowed, I snow blow. Start in the middle and blow out to the boards and over the boards.
  2. Run over the ice with a Snowpusher Lite. This tool is perfect for me as it has a squeegee edge and a metal edge. Comes in different sizes. I use the 4 footer most often.
  3. Connect my hose reel (bought from nice rink) to my hot and cold outdoor spigot. I had a plumber install. The hot/warm water makes all the difference as it melts any left over light snow or skating debris.
  4. Connect my coil hose via a quick connect hookup to my Nice Rink resurfacer. The coil cord is perfect as it recoils itself back to the water source so it doesn’t lay on the ice causing hose melt lines/ruts.
  5. Resurface a few times with light coats of warm water. Ive found that the less water you use the smoother the surface you get.

Iv’e tried it all, home made pvc resurfacer, hose sprinkle technique, big dump, etc. the Nice Rink resurfacer works best for me. It’s made out of heavy iron pipe, the weight is a big plus as it holds the ice well, and the lever to regulate water is great. A very well made great tool.

Not affiliated with Nice Rink or Snowpusher Light, just a satisfied customer.