Build a PVC Skate Training Aide

Sure you can just give someone a plastic chair to hold on to while learning how to skate, but what’s the fun in that! Building a skate training aide is fairly simple and doesn’t take a lot to do it. I was reading through various sites gathering information on rink builds and the sorts, when I came across an article on the Popular Mechanics web site. They had a straight forward graphic to show the build. The nice aspect of this is it is fully customizable. Fit it out to the skater. If you use screws rather than cement you can always take it apart and fit it to someone else with some modifications. Their design was to use 2″ pipe, however, I wound up building mine using 1 1/2″ pipe.

Parts List:

  • 8 – 90-degree elbows
  • 2 – 90-degree Tee
  • Approximately 15 feet of pipe depending on your design
  • Sheet metal screws