Review: ManPlow Revolution 44 Snow Pusher


Maintaining your rink is the key to a successful season and one of the biggest headaches is snow removal. When I have several inches or more I use my snow blower to get the bulk of it off the rink I then go back and do a more precise clean up process. In this process I was just using a regular 24″ snow shovel which worked out ok, but it was time consuming. That’s when I went on the quest to find something that would help not only with snow cleanup but also regular ice maintenance like post stake snow removal. There are many products out there but when I stumbled upon the ManPlow, I just had to try it out. I ordered one up through Amazon, using Prime (the best thing ever) and it was at my house in 2 days time, just in time for the next snow storm.

The Revolution 44 was an easy assembly and within 10 minutes was ready for action. One of the neat features about this was that the blade was reversible, so as it wears down over time and use you can flip the blade around and you are back in business. The blade is also replaceable. so once you have gotten you money’s worth out of it order up a new blade and throw it on there.

I went with the Revolution 44 because of course bigger is better, right? But really, my rink is 30’x60′ and I wanted to move snow quickly. Well, that was definitely the right call for me. This thing really moves the snow. One of the advertised features is that snow does not stick to the blade and this definitely lived up to that. Another advertised feature is that it is light weight and I can confirm that this thing is indeed light weight, only coming in at 9 pounds. The U-shaped aluminum handle makes for easy use as well and is durable as well. Now this is just a snow pusher and it is not designed for throwing snow, so I push the snow around the rink making various piles and come back with a regular shovel or my snow blower to actually remove the snow from the rink.

I have been using this thing for a few weeks now and have used it both for snow removal from storms and general rink maintenance and would highly recommend this snow pusher for your rink.